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If you were challenged to turn $5,000 into $150,000 in the next 9 months… look to the sky and go where the billionaires are going… and put it all on this Texas company’s stock…

Astro Aerospace (ASDN)

ASDN is a profit-seeker’s dream come true… a little known small cap with an amazing breakthrough… an AI-driven passenger drone

  • Historic buying opportunity
  • Get in now – before it’s a super-hot mega trend – and you could collect a 3,000% gain!
  • Morgan Stanley forecasts flying cars as a $2.9 trillion industry
  • Google co-founder Larry Page has $100 million invested in Zephyr Airworks
  • The fact that ASDN’s breakthrough passenger drone was designed by some of the World’s brightest engineers is just one reason why your modest $5,000 investment could become $150,000 over the next 9 months

Tech Reporter

The flying car/passenger drone craze could be just a few short weeks away from delivering its earliest investors with a major stock market success.

This is why investors hunting for mind-blowing gains need to immediately focus on Texas-based Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN)…

Because Astro is the very first pure play passenger drone manufacturer to come public on the stock market.

This remarkable one-of-a-kind opportunity has opened up because most flying car makers are either privately held, or they’re hidden deep within conglomerates like Boeing (NYSE:BA), Airbus (AIR:PA), and Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC).

That makes Astro Aerospace utterly unique, because:

– Astro Aerospace is already up and flying.
– ASDN has no sector competition on the stock market.
– Major media like FORBES have noticed ASDN.
– It’s come public at the very start of a mega trend.
– And, for the moment, ASDN shares hover at an inviting, affordable price.
That’s why ASDN’s under-$1 shares could quickly soar to $5, then $8. The ultimate forecast is for Astro Aerospace’s to reach $17 in less than a year.

Because, as widthyou’ll see, the trend is simply that hot… and getting hotter by the day.


There is another key reason to make your move into Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) now.

Wall Street hasn’t found it yet, but that could soon change.

And the chances are good that feeding frenzy on ASDN shares will likely start moments after an investment banker thumbs through the November 2018 issue of FORBES or sees the story online.

After taking a good looks at ASDN, here’s what FORBES wrote:

“The AstroAerospace Passenger Drone’s body is constructed from carbon fiber, a light and durable material, creating a sleek design and offering structural efficiency as well as an emphasis on safety.“Developed by a team of mechanical engineers and programmers who have previously worked on aerial vehicles for Boeing, it is custom-built to display a 360° surround view, with wide cabin glass enveloping the cockpit for comfortable seating.

“Moreover, the company says its drone is eco-friendly and emission-free and its touch flight control enables passengers to fly manually or autonomously. The fully-functional prototype includes and hosts 16 individual rotors to maximize safety and performance…

The Reason There’s So Much Excitement Surrounding Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) Is This: Americans Spend 6.9 Billion Hours Each Year Going Nowhere Stuck In Traffic

Thirty years from now the skies may be crowded with personal drones, taxi drones, and delivery drones, such as those in the works at Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.

Before that happens, though, Americans are looking to passenger drones as relief… relief from grueling commutes to work.

Moreover, there’s a lot of room in the sky. That’s unlike earth where highways cost billions of dollars, take years to build, and are obsolete the moment the first car or truck hits the asphalt.

It’swhat’s driving Astro Aerospace, and nearly a dozen companies around the globe, in a tense competition. They’re racing to be the first to develop a new kind of aircraft that will enable commuters to glide above crowded roadways.

Astro Aerospace could be in the lead, or close to it, because its prototype is already in the air.

But, from an investors point of view, it doesn’t matter if Astro is first, second, or even third.

That’s because Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) is the only pure play flying car/passenger drone company on the stock market.

This is also why the forecast calls for nearly unlimited gains, the kind that could take a modest $5,000 investment and transform it into $150,000 in less than a year.

Astro Aerospace Has A Market Advantage Because Its Drone Is So Highly Advanced

Unlike a flying car, Astro Aerospace’s drone is a hybrid helicopter.

Called the Elroy,it is what the industry calls a VTOL – vertical take-off and landing craft. And, yes, you’d be right if you thought Elroy’s name is a nod to the 1960’s animated space-age television show, The Jetsons.

Elroy is different than a helicopter because it doesn’t have a single, large main rotor.Instead, Elroy has multiple small rotors. Each rotor is operated by a battery-powered electric motor instead of a conventional aircraft piston engine.

Sixteen rotors create the Elroy’s lift, and powerful artificial intelligence steers the craft by adjusting the how fast the rotors spin.Its AI is connected to an onboard fiber opticfiberfor blazing fast data transmission.

The Elroy’s full carbon body is sleek and strong. Its interior is designedto provide optimal comfort and protection.

Because each rotor is powered by a battery, the Elroy has many fewer mechanical parts thana helicopter – there’s noneed for gearboxes, water-cooling systems, or aerodynamic steering flaps.

Elroy’s current prototype can carry up to 275 pounds, at a maximum speed of about 45 MPH. It can stay aloft nearly 30 minutes.

And, though it won’t be soaring tens of thousands of feet, there is a concern with air traffic control.

Elroy solves that problem with onboard 4G LTE telemetry and control capability. Because of that Elroy can send flight information in real time, use situational awareness, display of local air traffic, and real time weather radar.

The AI telemetry is so advanced that the Elroy can be remotely controlled by aground

control and monitoring center; allowing an operator as far away as the EU or Asia to fly a North America-based aircraft safely and efficiently.

If Passenger Drones Are The Next Mega Trend, Why Aren’t There More News Stories About VTOLs And Flying Cars?

The marriage of AI and aerodynamics, along with the lightweight lithium ion battery has created a new industry that’s on the verge of exploding as a mega trend.

But, unlike Astro Aerospace, the rest of the leading players are owned by venture capitalistsand conglomerates that don’t like advertising where they’re putting their money.

For example, an electric aircraft startup, Impossible Aerospace, just emerged from stealth mode with a quadcopter drone that it says can stay aloft for two hours.

It raised $9.4 million in Series A funding, which brings its total to more than $11 million.Its investors are Bessemer Venture PartnersEclipse Ventures, Airbus Ventures.

So, think of Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) as an invitation to finally gain access to the flying car/passenger drone sector.

When Wall Street discovers Astro all bets could be off as to how far it could soar.

Because there is no other pure play way jump on the forming mega trend, Astro’s upside could easily race 5X, then 10X then 20X to 30X.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $30,000.

There’s No Turning Back…
This Is The Birth Of A Mega Trend

Widespread use of passenger drones and flying cars could dramatically reshape a transportation landscape that is already in transition.

The disruption will be so significant that Morgan Stanley says we’re watching the birth of a $2.9 trillion industry.

And, as you’ve seen in many other areas of disruptive technology – from driverless cars to streaming music to social media – being a “fast follower” will put you at a huge investment disadvantage.

You want to get in first, because fast followers cost themselves huge money by hesitating as a mega trend begins to form… their wariness causes them to“follow” farsighted investors to make sure the trend is real.

And make no mistake about it, flying cars/passenger drones is getting “real” as a mega trend now.

It’s why there are…

8 Solid Reasons Why Astro Aerospace (ASDN) Could Return A 3,000% Gain

  1. ASDN Is The Sweet Spot In Passenger Drones – It is the only pure play in the sector!
  2. Great Media Exposure – FORBES has already written about it. There’s tons of positive press from internet business reports.
  3. ASDN Could Be The Unchallenged Leader – Its prototype is up and flying. The company is taking prospective orders.
  4. Quietly Under The Radar – ASDN is new to the stock market and has a very attractive share price.
  5. All American Company – There’s’ no tariff trouble for Texas-based ASDN.
  6. Massive Potential – Morgan Stanley says flying cars/passenger drones could be a $2.9 industry.
  7. Validation – when you type “passenger drone” company into a famous search engine, the one most everyone uses, is at the top of the page.
  8. Wild Card – Every company from Toyota, to Volvo,to Porsche has plans for passenger drones. A company that’s late to the game can catch up quickly by acquiring Astro Aerospace. In that case, all bets are off to how high ASDN shares could fly.

Position Yourself For Huge Gains By
Moving Now As The Mega Trend Forms

Right now, many investors see electric vehicles and driverless cars as major trends. So they are used to thinking about new forms transportation.

That comfort means passenger drones will be welcomed as an investment

Astro Aerospace is the only pure play.

Take your position in Astro Aerospace (OTC:ASDN) now to put yourself among the earliest and biggest winners.


COMPANY: Astro Aerospace

INVESTMENT THESIS: This fast-growing
company has a solo place on the stock market as the lone, pure play passenger drone manufacture.
Passenger drones are a dream come true for drivers stuck each day in traffic-jam commutes. There’s also fast-growing passenger drone taxi market. ASDN’s current prototype is a two seater that can be flown by a pilot or driven by advanced artificial intelligence.

Current: Price: about $0.60
30-Day: $1.26
60-Day: $3.65
Six-Months: $10.80
Nine-Months: $17.08
RATING:* * * * *

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