Cliff Lyon

The truth is, you are too good to be true. I finally decided to start managing my own money because It would be hard to do worse than professional money managers.

I put $25,000 into a separate trading account when I signed up for your almost free trial less than one month ago. I have followed nearly every recommendation with not more than $2000 per trade and the account is now worth $33,000.

this morning, I transferred another 25,000 into that account.

Neeraz P

I’m really new to the whole trading market, only having very limited experience with picking stocks. I was very apprehensive about using trading services, because I thought they were all money making scams, but after using traders insights for over 9 months now, I can tell you it is anything but that. Sebastian thoroughly researches his picks, and gives you a good buy price point and sell price point for every stock. He is very thorough and approachable when you ask him for any clarification. I genuinely feel he cares about the members in the group. His picks are for the most part fairly accurate – My returns so far this year have been about 30%, and I’m very happy with his work. Highly recommend !

Ying Ping Zhang

So glad that I made the right choice, join the group after seeing SG’s ad on Google Finance. In the past six months, we work as a team and enjoy our earnings from the volatile market. SG not only made great calls but also showed his friendliness and his care to the team member. Highly recommended it.
T. Gill
Traders Insights offers an amazing service. I am a fairly new member and just recently subscribed, already they helped me get around 30% return and this is just the beginning. The advice is highly accurate and its a great way to stay on top of recent news because Sebastian keeps you updated with whats going on in the markets!

Nikunj A Pastagia

After losing money with some other services, I stumbled upon Sebastian Gomes of Traders Insight I was amazed with his calls as 90% of his calls were reaching their target price within a few weeks. am just a part time trader as I have a job, however even with part-time trading my account was up by 30% in 3 months. It would have been more if I had some patience with his calls. Thanks SG for your great calls and keep it up.

Alessandro Bucalossi

I was about to give up on trading before reading a special penny stock advertising on my stocks app. I decided to subscribe and I did the right decision. In 6 months I’ve almost doubled my money just following 2 points: trustfully follow what Sebastian says and be patient. I would join the group a thousand times again.

Daniel Rod

Sebastian really knows his stuff. He’s very accurate and is there to tell you when to buy and sell the stock. I like that he gives different stocks to choose from every day. The Facebook group is nice because we can chat about the stocks we’re in. I recommend it.