VSBLTY Announces Big News: Time To Fly?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and SaaS are some of the modern pillars of technology and one of the companies that has managed to bundle them together in an effective way is VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. The company has produced Productive Digital Display which can be used as an audience measurement as well as security software. The service is provided in the form of a SaaS and can be deployed by departmental stores as well as by organizers of large gatherings in public spaces. As one can see, such a service has huge potential and could bring in big-ticket clients who could propel VSBLTY to new heights.

Big $10 Million Agreement Announced Just Now

That is exactly what happened with VSBLTY recently as it signed a significant deal with a global lighting solutions provider named Energetika. The deal was announced on September 4 and it goes without saying that it is one of the biggest deals that have been signed by the company so far. However, according to the terms of the deal, VSBLTY will provide its software for audience measurement and crowd analytics services for a range of communities in Latin America. The deal is a definitive one and is going to run until August 30 in the year 2022. 

The total value of the agreement is $10 million and it is a significant bump for VSBLTY. The Chief Executive of the company Jay Hutton confirmed the same. He said, “This contract is expected to generate more than $10 million USD in SaaS revenue to VSBLTY in the initial three years.” In addition to that, if the company is able to do an excellent job with regards to this particular project then there is every chance that it is going to be extended. In addition to that, it could also lead to many more contracts in other parts of the world. That is the reason why the signing of this particular contract is such a big new. 

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