Markets Come Back…and so do good stocks (Update on FNJN)

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It has been a crazy time in the markets.It seems that just about every stock has seen some pain in this market-wide sell off. Most will gain back the ground they lost and return to pre-correction levels.While there is no single reason for the current decline the consensus many experts agree that the downturn is an accumulation of several factors: 1) Mounting concerns over China, 2) Weakening commodity prices (oil and others) perhaps signaling a significant economic slowdown and 3) Fears over higher interest rates. These events tend to bring sudden and severe changes to prices across all markets and can be damaging to your portfolio.

It might not feel like it but this latest market correction is a typical annual event, especially in a bull market that has lasted some six years. According to the US bank Citigroup, this correction is similar to the median annual sell-off in global equities since 1970. When we look back at previous years when there has been a 10% to 20% decline, the average performance over the whole year has been a healthy +10%. So while it is difficult to go through, it is worth noting corrections in bull markets are an inevitable annual event, not to be confused with the beginning of the next global bear market. There are two basic reasons we believe stock markets will continue to rise, though at a lesser rate than in the past five years.

1) Stock markets follow earnings growth. Overall, the second quarter earnings for the S&P 500 aggregate earnings continue to rise.

2) Low interest rates will continue to cause investors to seek alternatives to cash and bonds.

As the bull market continues to age most experts believe buying the dips and avoid chasing the rallies is the best strategy.Following a large macro-driven correction glamour stocks, the ones with plenty of media coverage, are often among the first to get those losses back. With the recent market plunge and a bull market that is likely to run some more, this could be a great time to snap up shares of stocks like these.The secret is to buy stocks that have been hit with declines, but still have the potential to soar.

Like the majority of stocks over the last few weeks, the share price of our profiled pick Finjan Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:FNJN) has fallen, down from our profile price of $1.90. However we remain very hopeful that once the broader market returns to focusing on fundamentals and the market volatility dies down,this stock will pick up solid momentum. September marks the beginning of the investor/analyst conference season and Finjan announced recently that they will be presenting at an upcoming conference which are designed to expose the companies to a new base of institutional and sophisticated private investors who are all provided an opportunity to hear comments from CEOs on the state of their business.

Here is the technical chart of FNJN:-


Most successful investors focus on the long-term growth of companies rather than short-term share price volatility as the best measure of a growing business is the long-term growth rate of its earnings. In our opinion, the prospects continue to remain very positive for Finjan; they are in a fast growing industry, cyber- attacks continue to plague our communication networks that our society depends on ( most recently Ashley Madison), a tiny float of 4 million shares, the stock continues to trade in a very tight narrow range of $1.55-$1.60. With strong support, FNJN could easily break out with volume and any good news,which when you look at the litigation schedule FNJN has upcoming, could occur very soon.

To read our initial report on Finjan in full from our please click the link below:

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